We are rechargeable battery experts in battery R&D and custom battery solutions. There is no “one-size-fits-all” battery and we help customers with the right battery for their needs – either packaged battery or custom made.

We’ve been building batteries for over 25 years

We have experience with various battery chemistries, designs and battery management systems. Our batteries perform and behave based on requested scenarios.

Custom Design

We advise on the shape of battery, size, chemistry and technical parameters. Design and test the prototype.

Battery Manufacturing

What we design and develop is what we are able to manufacture in-house. Everything under one umbrella. You have your own documentation? Not a problem, we can manufacture your batteries as well.


Protection and add-on circuits with our designs and manufacturing.

Battery Charging

We recommend the most suitable battery charger based on our calculations and analytics. As we design your battery pack, we know how it should be properly charged. We can supply chargers as well if you want to have a complete solution from us.

Online Support

We are here for you in case you have technical information questions about batteries, chargers, R&D and manufacturing.

Aku PCB – Printed circuit board assembly

We specialize in custom production with high quality.
In addition to business conduct, we offer a personal approach to meet all the requirements.
Thanks to our established production system we can satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.

We assembling printed circuit boards

We specialize in custom production of the highest quality

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Aku Energy s.r.o.

Areál Winston, Hudcova 532/78b, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic