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We advise on the shape of battery, size, chemistry and technical parameters. Design and test the prototype.
The ideal situation when designing a new device that is powered by a battery is that the battery is being developed at the same time. Based on the technical requirements for the power supply, the appropriate type, size, and chemical composition, the proper battery cell is selected, pre-calculated and designed battery assembly so that its subsequent production is as simple as possible, placement in the device is as acceptable from the operator’s point of view (replacement and maintenance) and also removal of thermal energy.

In this phase, the shape of the battery holder is designed, new protective and communication elements, safe inputs and outputs, insulation and fixation of the battery in the device, and protection against external influences are selected or designed.

In case of compliance with the requirements and design, the production of the prototype and its subsequent testing follows, both in laboratory conditions and in operation, from which the requirements for possible modifications will arise.

After the verification of the prototype, the production of a verification series of new devices follows. An integral part of this phase is also the provision of certificates required in terms of the safety of equipment in operation and its road, sea, and air transport.

We can do all these steps inhouse, in cooperation with testing laboratories and with the support of our proven partners. For production, we use exclusively batteries from the world’s leading battery cell manufacturers, especially Panasonic, Sony – Murata, Samsung, or LG. We generally do not use OEM batteries. The main reason is the security aspect.

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